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Purchase think3d! directly from us. Each box serves two students. The cost is $130 per box and includes shipping and taxes. (Contact us for International orders.)

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Apply to bring think3d! to your classroom, school, or, district at no cost. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Think3d's goal is to have a broad impact on STEM education. We recognize that school budgets are tight. Think3d Outreach, a non-profit, 501(c)(3), works to create partnerships to fund think3d! in schools. 

Apply here and Think3d Outreach will do their best to find funding for think3d! in your school, or, district. Your answers to these questions will help Think3d Outreach find potential partners. They won't be able to fund every request, but, Think3d Outreach will work towards providing the program to as many teachers and students as possible.

Think3d Outreach

application to bring think3d to your school through a funding partner

(School or program. City, State, Country)
Would you like to implement think3d! in multiple classrooms, across grade levels (3rd through 6th), school-wide, or, district-wide? Let us know and we'll work to find funding partners.
Let us know why you would like to implement think3d! in your school. Your response will inform our conversations with potential funding partners!
Let us know and we'll reach out!

Think3d is a Vermont Public Benefit Corporation.